With our diverse service delivery offerings, we provide the best-in-class service to our clients at the most cost-effective price. The expertise we possess in claims management and risk management has enabled us to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Personal Line Claims

We perform investigation, estimation, and photographic documentation of all homeowner, dwelling, and automobile claims assigned to our field staff adjusters.

In order to ensure accuracy and timeliness in reporting and investigation, we follow the guidelines of our clients.


Commercial Claims

Crisis situations can arise at any time, which requires efficient and timely support. Insurance claims are an integral part of the process. As a company, Claims United strives to be fair and transparent in its handling of claims.

How to handle claims arising out of a Commercial Insurance Policy is what we will inform and guide you on.

Catastrophic Claims

The Claims United adjusters are mobilized and dispatched to work on catastrophe claims throughout the country every year. In addition to staff adjusters, prequalified and trained independent adjusters to serve a wide range of client needs. A few dozen to tens of thousands of claims can be handled seamlessly by the Claims United catastrophe team based on the size of the catastrophe and client specifications.

damaged home from a hurricane

Our industry experts are ready to take the pain out of the claims process and handle every aspect for you.